Monday, March 21, 2011

The privatization of the University of Wisconsin-Madison

That's how people are now talking about the move for 'public authority', once known as the "New Badger Partnership" and increasing called the "Walker-Martin Plan". The teaching assistants union (TAA) voted last night to endorse this:
The TAA opposes the New Badger Partnership, especially the separation of UW-Madison from the UW System, the formation of the public authority model, and the threat to affordability and accessibility it poses to public education and the lack of protection for labor unions on campus. The TAA also objects to the non-transparent and undemocratic process by which the New Badger Partnership was designed.
This may be a turning point in the debate on this topic. Word is that it's a tough call in the legislature.


Anonymous said...

Kind of sums it all up, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Look, Walker and Martin conspired. Him to get his goal of privatizing everything and her to get her goal of making a big splash as she moves to her next job.

Let's kill this thing.

Anonymous said...

Babcock did not give his invention to a private authority! Bascom did not work for a private authority! Now that we are in the process of crushing walker, let's deal with the theft of our STATE UNIVERSITY from private interest groups. The University of Wisconsin has been the beacon of truth, run by Tenured Professors. But what happened? The UW hired Administrators who have a grandios and unrealistic view of themselves. WE DONT NEED YOU. The reason why we are short on money is because we are paying for the UNCLASSIDIED ACADEMIC STAFF that are nothing but glorified clerical workers with a 4 year degree. Give the control back to the Professors, and leave the university as a state institution!