Thursday, September 01, 2011

another awesome blend

(For those of you poor souls who don't live in Madison, WI, some explanation is called for. We're having a "rare weekday football game" tonight - some 80,000 people will attend - and our inboxes have been filled with dire warnings about what it's going to do to traffic, given that classes start tomorrow and students are still moving in and everything is generally chaos on campus.)
HT to a friend of a friend on Facebook.


Mr. Verb said...

And alas, the traffic appeared to be no worse than for any other game, as far as I saw.

Luanne said...

But they did ask those of us who have parking permits for the campus to leave work by 4:00 if possible, to be made up at some other time, of course. So the football game with its crowds is more important than us doing our work, I guess. What is really important here at the U?