Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the winner is ...

My sense is that most of our readers aren't into the grammar blog contest, but just in case, here are the winners.
 I know the second and third, but haven't been able to get the winner to open. 


Chiew said...

Sorry, but there were issues that I wasn't completely aware of. I was using a hosting site which has shut down, and this had caused numerous problems. I have since removed all known links to the guilty site, so, hopefully, the page will load normally now.

Mr. Verb said...

Thanks ... it does indeed work now. Shame to be inaccessible right after winning the contest!

Chiew said...

Yes, indeed it was a shame. No-one said anything to me. I could access it, and so could other people, judging by the statistics. It was such a coincidence that the guilty site had to close down at the same time! And I found out quite by accident! I had to remove a code, which is a shame, as it provided a useful feature. Anyway, it should load all right now, and there's the index in Google Doc format for people who are really interested in looking for something, but I suspect we're of a generation who want things at their fingertips, and that might be too slow for most.
Thanks for the mention, and hopefully, we can learn from each other.

John said...

Looks as if this posting has some present relevance for British pupils. The Daily Telegraph, along with a number of other news organisations, is reporting how even bright students are struggling with the grammar of written English. (cf
I shall refer them to your posting and the very useful links you give.
Best wishes,
John of (theliteracyblog)