Monday, November 14, 2011

Recall Walker!

United Wisconsin is organizing the recall effort against the Koch Brothers' pawn in Wisconsin, "Governor" Scott Walker. Some of us are eager to take United's class on how to collect sigs for the recall effort, and have been visiting their website trying to get the schedule, etc. Apparently, a lot of us: Their website has been down all afternoon. Here's a screen shot of what they have up now:

If you're in-state, let's get to work. If you're out of state, please lend a hand if you can, say, financially. And if you don't think he should be recalled, wait, what?

Update, 8:30 pm. Looks like this was actually a distributed denial of service attack, see here. Wonder whose money is behind this?


Anonymous said...

Ok, time to contact Anonymous I guess!

Mr. Verb said...

Whoa, there's a referential quandary ... a comment from Anonymous suggesting that we contact Anonymous, a group which is famous anonymous. I need coffee.