Wednesday, December 07, 2011

WOTY update: Winning, winner

Katy Steinmetz of Time has her 'top ten buzzwords' list for the year out now, here. Occupy is number one. (Sorry if that's a spoiler for you!) There's some utterly expected stuff, like carmageddon, haktivist and Arab Spring. All those are sure to be discussed in Portland. Man- as a prefix came up last year, but she maybe pushes beyond what was out there then.

But the piece warrants a post here for another reason: Her runner-up is winning, winner, in the new Charlie Sheen sense. It continues a kind of tradition -- I recall 'jump the shark' coming up back when -- but the surprise for me is that this candidate seems to have some passionate supporters. I don't see it winning WOTY, but maybe least likely to succeed … .

Can't wait for Portland.

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