Friday, February 24, 2012

"I want every professor to enroll in a crash course in Linguistics 101."

Now, there's an idea I can get behind. It's a line from this piece by Susan Behrends in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. She writes this:
The goal: for teachers to better appreciate and deal with all the forms of English that are present in the college population, and aid students as they transition to college study and face a range of academic-literacy demands across subject matter.
The just past American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting had a session on teaching science through linguistics in K12, as reported here on the Log.  Movement in the right direction, at least.


Jonathon said...

Hear hear! Maybe it'll also help some professors start grading papers more on content than on a handful of supposed "grammar" errors.

Mr. Verb said...

That WOULD be nice.