Sunday, May 06, 2012


Everybody in Wisconsin knows that the recalls are coming fast and hard. The primary is Tuesday to select the D who'll run against the R (Walker) with that election to be decided on June 5, 2012.

At noon that day, the twitter master known as Astrodex proposes that everybody should call -- by twitter, fb, email, semaphore -- for all Wisconsinites to get out and vote. It's a bipartisan (omnipartisan?) celebration of voter rights.

Wait, you ask, is there a language angle here? Hey, I tell you, just imagine democrabeep as a candidate for Word of the Year!

Let's make it happen.


Different Drummer said...

Why wait until June?
Why not all day, everywhere, all the time? Wherever you are, when you think about how we're being scrood, beep it out. Driving down any road (as long as there's not a car right next to you), or whenever you park.

Tap it out with your pencil on your desk. Use a quarter to tap it out on the checkout counter. Take a drumstick with you wherever you go. Tell folks it's our secret code for lovers of democracy to find one another.

Spread it all over the state, the country, to everyone you know. Send it "viral."

Use a visual representation of dots and dashes. Remind folks that
the most important thing about democracy is that it is a shared responsibility--we ALL need to do our part. If you use the code, people will know that you are doing yours--if they don't, explain it to them.

Yes, it takes a little practice, but just about anyone can learn to do it:
beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

Different Drummer said...

Democrabeep should go viral—not just around the Capitol Square, but everywhere, any time, all the time (just be sure there aren’t any cars near enough to take offense). Spread it around the state, across the country. Don’t wait for election day; this could be our code that all lovers of democracy will recognize, once they know about it. And whenever it comes to your mind about how we’re being screwed, beep it out. It comes easily with a little practice.

Or tap it out, on your desk with a pencil, or with a quarter on a check-out counter. It will be a good way of finding kindred spirits without trying to collar them. Find some drumsticks, or use spoons, pans and pots—march around your neighborhood. Form a Progressive Percussion Parade down your main street or at your county fair. The possibilities are endless. Get the message out: we know democracy when we see it.

In solidarity,
The Different Drummer