Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Newsday: "New Digital Journal Aims to Transform Linguistics Learning"

Everybody in the field probably knows about the new Journal of Linguistic Geography, edited by William Labov and Dennis Preston and published by Cambridge University Press. High-powered from start to finish and a badly needed journal.

But I was pretty surprised to see it the subject of an article in Newsday yesterday, though the reason makes good sense:

JLG’s digital tools allow readers to interrogate maps and figures using panning and zooming functionality; to listen to sound samples embedded in the text, and to consult large appendices. The journal features scalable maps and figures and searchable and downloadable data sets.
A dedicated Technical Editor will work with authors to decide which graphic and audio tools will most enhance their articles. The journal also comes with a built-in User Guide to help readers get the most from its features. JLG is hosted on the Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) platform, and benefits from its state-of-the-art functionality.

Pretty cool.

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