Thursday, November 14, 2013

More big medieval manuscript news!

We've had a recent post about the discovery of new Gothic manuscript material (here), a palimpsest, where earlier (Gothic) writing had been removed and new (Latin) writing done on the same surface, apparently found by Chiara Faraggiana di Sarzana from Bologna University.* Now we have a pretty cool bit of news from about how multispectral imaging is allowing the discovery of new writing, here (and image from there as well).

I'm not sure that these manuscripts are particularly interesting linguistically, but this has huge ramifications for people working with poorly attested medieval languages. I think those folks all assume that a lot more early medieval text exists than is current known and it doesn't take much to shake up the corpus for some of those languages.

*Recall that the new Gothic stuff was discovered in Bologna ... it's a happening place right now, I guess.


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This is very interesting. Makes you wonder how much more is out there.