Wednesday, January 15, 2014

'Bakery' = 'baked goods' in Dublin!?!?

Well, at the Dublin airport at least. I changed planes there on the way to England (and then Scotland), and bought a quick cup of coffee at this place:

Anybody know offhand whether Irish English has this usage generally?


Dianna said...

I've definitely run across this usage before, though I can't remember exactly where... it may have been Australia or New Zealand. It pops up as a non-primary definition in a few dictionaries.

It's not quite like "cookery," of course, because the cookery is either the place you're cooking or the tools you're cooking with, not what the result of the cooking is, but I suppose it's not super far from the way "embroidery" works - embroider is the verb, and the result of embroidering is the embroidery.

EP said...

Must be that American influence again. <;-)

Anonymous said...

I am Irish, I think this is just a commercial blurb you have read, I have never heard anyone using bakery like this, But neither have I heard of 'baked goods' :-)

Stan said...

West of Ireland resident here. I've never heard this usage before either: bakery for me has always referred to the place or building, not the goods.