Monday, January 05, 2015

Sociolinguistic Events Calendar

Ever start something that becomes so successful you can't manage it at some point? Welcome to the lives of the people who started the Sociolinguistic Events Calendar. Dave Sayers just posted this to the Variationist List (go here to subscribe). Help these folks out if you can and become a calendariser (calendarizer?).

Hello one and all, and happy new year!
The Sociolinguistic Events Calendar ( is now bustling with events across the world, and has also been linked to by a number of event organisers, including NWAV: Meanwhile the synopsis on is apparently in the top 3% of viewed pages this month ( My co-calendariser - Jonathan Kasstan - and I are overwhelmingly honoured by all this success, acclaim and esteem, which has helped us keep plugging away at it, but... we are kinda getting a little overworked with it all. Help us! We're looking to recruit volunteers to help keep this resource going, since it's not altogether clear how long we can keep going just the two of us.
We're hoping to gather a team of about 5-7, thinking that one person could cover the various calls that come up on each day of the week. The commitment per person would be about half an hour a day (plus an hour or so of initial training on how events are formatted in the calendar). The daily workload is manageable, but pretty constant - although I suppose it'll vary depending on the time of year (there probably aren't so many calls in the summer for example).
Please please get in touch if you'd like to step up to this exciting level of responsibility and celebrity :)
--Dr. Dave SayersSenior Lecturer, Dept Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University, UKHonorary Research Fellow, Arts & Humanities, Swansea University, UK (2009-2015) | 

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