Monday, January 08, 2007

Must read linguistics humor

Back in March, as I see now, HeiDeas reposted her brilliant, and I do not use that adjective loosely here, first post from a year ago: stuff from the Simpons that exemplifies linguistic principles or plays with language structure in particularly interesting ways. It's must read material.


Anonymous said...

hi there, mr verb! greetings to the whole verb family --

thanks for the link! your readership has caused a distinct uptick in traffic to Heideas. :)

thought i'd note, though, that the post you link to isn't a *re*post of the original simpsons language jokes, but a whole separate collection, amassed over the intervening year between the posts. The original post with its non-intersecting set of jokes is here, in case people are also interested in it:

Beyond Embiggens and Cromulent

:) hh

Mr. Verb said...

ARG! How could I miss that!?!?!?!? Sorry.

Yeah, I'm sure our readership has moved you from the mere 259 hits a day over the all-important 260 threshold, where real blogging income kicks in. Besides, we've got that oh-so-sexy Upper Midwestern demographic going our way. Yah hey.