Sunday, January 28, 2007


Tonight's Simpsons episode is linguistically rich, a set of shorts on the topic of 'revenge'. The Count of Monte Fatso is set in France. Two quick examples:

The kids are asking 'may we have some chocolate?' and so on. Homer pulls out wads of francs and says:
May we? May we? Mais oui!
OK, you've heard it before, but did you ever expect bilingual puns on the show? When Homer's arrested for treason, he declares:
I love the way all our words are a girl or a guy.
In other segments, there's prevenge, a character who uses lots of Batman like puns, and all kinds of other stuff in here. HeiDeas will have a field day with this episode!


Nancy said...

And how about the French-accented snoring?

Mr. Verb said...

Absolutely ... Does that count as paralinguistic humor?

John said...

Lisa once said she likes tai chi and chi tea.

Mr. Verb said...

Cool. I've never heard that one ... Glad I didn't have to read that line.