Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pinker on Colbert!?!?!?

Colbert's got Stephen Pinker as his guest tonight. Pinker is introduced as a specialist in "how the brain works" ... and then later "also language is very important to you". That's a shame: Given Colbert's interest in language, he could have played up Pinker's linguistic background. One of the flatter Colbert interviews, sadly. Colbert seemed generally off tonight. Oh well.


Stumblerette said...

I watched it and thought it was very meh. (That's an adjective now, right?) And the purpose was to sell more paperback copies of a book that came out 5 years ago?

Mr. Verb said...

Yeah, I actually thought Pinker must have a new book out ... go figure. But Colbert's staff should have gotten better questions from Pinker's full body of work. The stuff on taboo vocabulary didn't work.

And that IS an adjective, although I wouldn't have known how to spell it!