Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Have we been infiltrated?

Oh.my.god. I heard this early in the week but only today confirmed it with my own eyes: In the new Newsletter of the American Dialect Society (and yup, it is known as NADS), William Safire is listed as a member. That's weird. But it gets much worse: Our own contributor Joe is the next name after his in the alphabetical directory.

Listen up, young fellow: Your posting rights are in grave danger here. I have no particular reason to believe that you're actually a mole for "On Language", but I am superstitious. This won't work. Get a Sager or a Sahlman or a Sajak or a Sakic or a Salas to sign up. You can't be next to him in the ADS directory and contribute here. As Colbert would say, you're on notice.

I have spoken.

— Mr. Verb

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