Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Bierma's "On language" in danger?!?!

Let's just call Nathan Bierma's "On Language" column in the Chicago Tribune "the real On Language".

The message is crossposted from ADS-L (with permission). I've praised Nathan Bierma's column on this blog several times as one of the few reliable major media sources dealing with language. Hard to believe that it's threatened. Drop the Tribune a line if you can, and speak up for informed discussion of language in leading newspapers.

Sender: American Dialect Society <ADS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
Poster: Nathan Bierma <nbierm65@CALVIN.EDU>
Subject: future of "On Language"

Dear ADS,
My previously weekly "On Language" column ( has been appearing erratically in the Chicago Tribune over the last few weeks. Reduced space in the Tempo section has forced the editors to eliminate some content, including a few regular features. The Tribune is now deciding whether to continue to run "On Language" at all.

If you think my column is worth having around as one soldier in the fight against linguistic misinformation and prescriptivist scolding in the public forum, and would like to send a message of support to the Tribune editors, please e-mail,, and

Thank you,

Nathan Bierma
"On Language"

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Anonymous said...

Man, the NYT lets Safire stumble around on glossy paper and the Trib is considering not keeping this guy? How wrong can things get?