Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clarence Thomas a Gullah speaker?

Today's NYT Book Review has a long review by Orlando Patterson of Supreme Discomfort, the new biography of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, by Kevin Merida & Michael Fletcher. It's a pretty depressing read — just like the interviews I've heard with the authors and the other review(s) I've seen — and I won't be reading the book.

But Patterson mentions that Thomas grew up speaking Gullah, "a genuinely Afro-English creole", and was mocked for "his 'Geechee' accent" when he moved to Savannah. I immediately wondered if there was some confusion there between what's sometimes called 'country' or 'backcountry' African-American speech and Gullah, but Thomas at least has claimed that it was the latter, see here (you have to scroll down or search for 'Gullah' to see it).

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