Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Yooperese coverage

Nice bit of press coverage on Kate Remlinger's Yooper project, here. The Henry Higgins routine comes up pretty often. Wonder how old that is?

How come there's no snappy name for Wisconsin talk?


Aimee Olafson said...

My grandparents are from the UP, more precisely the Keweenaw area. My grandma is of English, French-Canadian stock, while my grandpa was 100% Finnish-American. When I would bring friends to my grandparents, they would always ask "where's your grandpa from?" and that was always puzzling, he didn't have an accent to me, but to most others, they thought he was from Europe somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Well we clearly need to work on a name for WI English. I suggest Cheeseheadese. It has a nice ring to it.

Mr. Verb said...

So, Aimee, you really want to read Remlinger's stuff ... it'll rock your world.

Cheeseheadese? I'm OK with it, but sense there might be resistance in some quarters.