Thursday, July 05, 2007

Is UW "tragically in decline", and if so, who's to blame?

Here's an answer from one retired Political Science prof at UW. The stinging critique of the University's current leadership is surely on the mark … "inept and timid", hiding in "their shells", and:
True leaders would know it is time to appeal to the public (of which thousands are UW-Madison grads). Instead, their typical response is, in Patrick Farrell's words, that they "don't have dollars left" to make good counter-offers to all the faculty considering outside offers. The job of leaders is to fight for more money, not to accept limitations.
Wiley, Farrell and company need to go, and soon. But while we have second-rate leadership (or worse), we aren't yet a second-rate university. It's the top of the University that's intellectually and morally threadbare, not the grassroots: We have tons of excellent faculty, staff, students here who are struggling to keep the ship afloat.

Tip of the classic Brewers cap to J for the link to the article.


Anonymous said...

Amen to Merelman, Mr. Verb and anyone who can keeping Wiley's and Farrell's feet to the fire. I say we handle this the old fashioned way: march on Bascom Hall with pitchforks, haul the two out of their offices, tar and feather them, throw them on horses without saddles and send the horses running off towards the Illinois border (sending them north might ruin the newly minted reciprocity arrangement). Well, okay, that's a little over the top, but how about a public statement of no confidence signed by the tenured faculty at the next faculty senate, at the very least. Time for some serious sifting and winnowing.

Mr. Verb said...

Some kind of vote of no confidence would probably force him out, but that's a political handgrenade not many people would be willing to pull the pin on.

I wonder how one would go about that most productively ...