Saturday, August 25, 2007

Madison's faves

The Isthmus, our free weekly (named after the striking geographical feature of the city), has published its always eagerly awaited Annual Manual for the year, with the results of their poll for Madison's favorite everything. Tragically, Mr. Verb was not voted top blog, but they do acknowledge that "the local blogosphere* is burgeoning" and the winners for local-content blog (Dane 101) and local website ( really are obvious choices. (Besides, they link pretty regularly to this blog.) Mel & Floyd's brilliant radio show (WORT, Friday 1-2 pm) got edged out for first, but WORT won best station, John Nichols' You have no rights gained him best for newspaper writer, and so on. A good year, overall, and a reminder of what we have here. Man, what a town.

Just wish we could get the Assembly Republicans a cure for their collective cranio-rectal inversion, and that our once-great university had some leadership.

*Wait a minute: Blogger flags it as a misspelling. How can the built-in spellchecker at not like the word blogosphere?

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