Thursday, September 27, 2007

"The Google" for older adults

I still haven't gotten around to the r in aptronym (or even responded to the Ridger's comments), haven't said a word about the stuff in the Seed article by Uriagereka I linked to (and which various people have commented on, both on this blog and in private). Let me just note in passing that I just heard intrícacies on the radio — in an ad, not free speech. Reminded me that it sure seems like the intégral pronunciation is everywhere right now (recency illusion?). I'm surprised that a really cursory check doesn't reveal anything big on that, but it was VERY cursory.

Be that all as it is, you gotta read the new Onion. Like this piece, "Google Launches 'The Google' for Older Adults." Of course Bush famously used 'the Google' in a press conference last year, but it's part of a package of ways of mocking ignorance of the digital age grammatically. Better known, I suppose, is "the internets."

Just fyi: There is nothing at "" or "".

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pc said...

Wow. That's so awesome - I need time to think about what it means, though. You know, like what it really means.