Monday, November 19, 2007

Blogal* trivia …reading level

Well, when the hip kids start doing it, eventually the stodgy folks like old man Verb will join in. (OK, not always ... piercing's pretty much out.) I'm a little worried to count as 'postgrad' here. Sounds way too high-falutin'. Time to lower the bar?

* I've been feeling the need for a real, usable adjective for 'blog-related'. For now, it's blogal. It gets a ton of g-hits, of course, and some in this basic meaning.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that others have observed this with the blog reading level 'game'.

put in

the main white house page > high school

irs, click on individual > college (undergrad)

white house, click on iraq > college (post grad)

white house, healthcare > genius

JD said...

My blog is 'genius'. I think that possibly this is a very bad thing as I try to use small words and speak slowly at all times.

I am also adopting 'blogal'; thanks.