Tuesday, December 11, 2007

John Wiley's legacy

The CapTimes has an editorial this afternoon worth reading, called Replacing John Wiley. They walk through his successes, and then, instead of falling into the 'personnel problems' trap we've seen so far, they talk frankly about his shortcomings:
The UW has a history as a great academic institution, but that legacy has been endangered in recent years by a neglect of the liberal arts tradition. Too many of the finest faculty members have moved to other schools, leaving once-great departments diminished.

Additionally, the Wisconsin Idea of a university intricately linked to the state and its people has withered as the UW has come to rely more on corporate funding for research. … There are fewer public intellectuals among the ranks of its professors. And its ideals and programs seldom seem to reflect the progressive values of a state that worked hard to make the UW one of the great institutions of higher learning.
They conclude this:
John Wiley has been an able administrator in many significant senses. But the next chancellor must take a broader view of the UW's mission and its need to reconnect with Wisconsin.
Dead on the money.

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