Monday, December 17, 2007


It seems cold in Madison these days, even though we're up to 23F today. We've had a lot of snow and it seems possible that we'll have snow cover through a good chunk of the winter at least. What seems notable is how long it's been since we were above freezing. Pretty long for this early in season. See the graphic, from here. (Yes, another service provided for our state by our university.)


Grant said...

A couple of semi-related follow-up comments:

1) You can get a whole array of cool current and past weather data for Madison from;

2) The Wisconsin State Climatology Office, from whence the posted temperature plot was obtained, has been badly neglected by the state and deserves significantly more visibility and funding than it is getting.

Mr. Verb said...

Excellent, thanks! So, that plot is from WSCO and posted by AOS? I had it backwards ... thinking it was university-based info for the state.

Grant said...

The WSCO operates as a semi-autonomous unit (with a staff of three) within our building, down the hall from my office, in fact. The director is an AOS professor, John Young.