Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Poison's bassplayer: Blog poll update

OK, so that whole blog poll thing was pretty off-the-wall*, I'll grant, and most readers of this blog (as far as I know) are probably vaguely aware of the 'hair band' called Poison, but have surely never heard of Bobby Dall, let alone knowingly seen his picture. He's currently leading in the poll, for who knows what reason, and it might be useful to have a pic of him up, just FYI.

Couldn't find one with just the right angle, and I don't think he's ever worn a beard, but this gives you an idea.

* I kind of expected about 3 votes total and a dramatic drop in readership when I posted it, but we're beyond that total and hits continue at their normal rate. Go figure.


Mr. Verb said...

Oh yeah, there's an error in the post -- he still plays bass for them.

goofy said...

"still"? Are we moving backwards in time?

Mr. Verb said...

Oops. Sorry about that.