Monday, January 21, 2008

Wisconsin winter

You just gotta love Wisconsin. The Packers lost a tough game last night, so they aren't going to the Superbowl this year. Still, people haven't fallen into deep depression ... they're saying 'well, that was a great year for the Pack' and walking out into the ca. 0ยบ F weather. (It's warming up!)

Last night, the best crowd sign I saw was a kind of cliche up here:
But it's a DRY cold.
Now, if I understand the science here, cold air is almost automatically dry relative to hot air, since cold air can hold less water. Hardy har har.

But winter's not perfect, even now that it's nice and cold: The City of Madison is putting salt on the bike paths. If you don't know cold regions, you might not know that road salt is ineffective below a certain point, say, 17 F. It hasn't been that warm here in days, and isn't predicted to get that warm until Friday. Arg.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was just complaining to a guy who works for the city about salt on the paths this morning. There the stuff is, eating at my bike and getting on everything and screwing up water quality and it's not doing what it's put down for.

mighty red pen said...

Ha ha indeed. I'm assuming they were making a joke on "it's a dry heat," one of those expressions that makes us in New England -- where we have something like, oh, 100% humidity in the summer -- want to pop people that use it.

Sorry about your Packers, that was a nailbiter. I know you'll be rooting for the Pats in the Super Bowl, right?

Mr. Verb said...

Right, New Englanders get almost as annoyed as people from Arizona, where it IS often a 'dry heat', but a searing one.

As for the Pats, sure, let'em have this one, but the dynasty thing is wearing on me a little.

TootsNYC said...

My brother lived in Arizona for a few years (tour of duty at Fort Huachuca), and every time anyone said, "It's a dry heat," he said, "yeah, but it's STILL damn hot!"

I think that's a funmy sign! Plenty of humor in Wi-SCON-sin. (I know how to pronounce it; I grew up in IA and had cousins in Muscoda)