Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No cuss weekend

One of the most regular readers of this blog (maybe the most, as far as I know) passed this tidbit along:
Just saw that South Pasadena just declared the weekend or something like that 'no cuss weekend' in hopes that people will clean up their speech. The move was started by a boy in school. Bottom up language prescription.
Damn that, I say. Who knows, maybe the kid will grow up to become a sociolinguist or something. Ya just gotta freakin' hope.

Image from here.

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Anonymous said...

Signs very similar to this are permanently posted on the beachfront strip in the resort town of Virginia Beach, VA to warn of the city anti-profanity ordinance. In fact, on first glance I thought this picture was from there, and it doesn't look temporarily mounted so perhaps it is.