Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Odds and ends

Lots of odds and ends piling up on the desk (mentally, at least), but mostly not worth individual posts … it's kind of like at the Onion where in editorial meetings they apparently sort out which ideas are enough for a full article and which therefore run as pointers to non-existent stories in non-existent sections of the paper.

Traffic has been up on this blog lately, with a significant number of hits with searches for "rock, chalk, Jayhawk", the University of Kansas chant, which I long ago talked about (without providing any real insight, here). Congrats to the Jayhawks, however they might pronounce that second vowel. Good game.

The linguablogging world has been off kilter for a couple of days with the absence of the Log from our Sphere, but a message from Ben Zimmer alerted lots of us just now that it's back up, with a new server and address: http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/.

Science Times has a nice piece on the Monty Hall Problem, here, and the opening suggests that it's not just linguists who have to deal with firmly entrenched misconceptions about our field. Remember, change your choice of doors when Monty asks!

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