Wednesday, May 28, 2008

UW news: all minor

The big announcement on the new UW-Madison chancellor should be coming down soon, maybe today, but in the meantime, here's other UW news:
  • The scariest of the chancellor finalists, Tim Mulcahy, has withdrawn.
  • The CapTimes has a story on UW brain drain, focusing on superstar Law prof Alta Charo (hey, she's been on CNN roughly a zillion times), who turned down a 45K raise at Berkeley to stay here.
  • The proposal is floating again for 'differential tuition', namely for big school-specific increases in the School of Engineering.
  • There's another political blog, Fearless Sifting, covering UW. Looks like a promising start, although many readers of this blog will disagree with the views found there. The poll for who should be the next chancellor was there yesterday but gone now. (Blank was leading and Sandefur had almost no votes, fwiw.) Check it out.

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