Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Political oddities

The political season is always filled with surprises, like that McCain owns a Mac, according to the local paper. The stuff about him trying to use the internet is kind of hilarious, and presumably fiction: OK, John, now type three w's and a period … .

But I'm truly amazed at stuff that's being reported from his campaign. Have you ever read anything like this from a presidential campaign? It's a response to Maliki's more-or-less endorsement of Obama's position on withdrawing US troops from Iraq.
Via e-mail, a prominent Republican strategist who occasionally provides advice to the McCain campaign said, simply, "We're fucked." …
Granted, I'm still eager to boost my cuss-o-meter rating, but that seems kind of blunt and I've been puzzled over its directness since reading it a couple days ago. Even the Gray Lady is getting the point across, like in today's piece on McCain being "a little jealous" of the attention Obama's getting:
Mr. McCain’s comments were mild compared with the bleak mood and frustration on the part of his advisers, who have taken to referring to Mr. Obama sarcastically as “The One” … .
With little doubt, things will change around several times, but this seems remarkable to me.

Image from good old Mother Jones.

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