Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Verb is back. Yiddish & English survey

Sorry for the hiatus, folks, but the fishing's been good — didn't go up north or anything, but just spent a lot of time with a line in the water and walleye in the frying pan. Anyway, this floated in from a friend, around the time I saw it over at PC (you should also check out the next post after that) and a couple other places:
Two professors from Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati are conducting a survey to study the ways in which Yiddish affects American and Canadian Englishes, and they are looking for both Jews and non-Jews to take it. In their words, "In particular, it would be helpful if you could forward it to people who are not Jewish, so we can get a better sense of how Yiddishisms are spreading throughout the US and Canada." The version I saw took about 10 minutes to complete, and that was with adding comments. If you want to participate, here is the link. Thanks!
It took me only a few minutes and looks interesting. So, lend these colleagues a hand if you would!

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