Thursday, August 21, 2008

UW transitions

Everybody in the world, or at least the UW community, has seen this parting-shot piece by John Wiley, and this welcome to Biddy Martin. But just in case.

It's going to be an exciting and important time for UW. We're pulling for you, Biddy ('Chancellor Martin' doesn't sound right in this context), and ready to help make things happen.


Anonymous said...

We are so screwed.

Wiley's parting shot, while 100% accurate and well written, is going to create a lot of problems for Martin.

And I'm personally afraid that Martin is in *way* over her head with this job, and that she is going to have a nearly impossible job.

Finally, just wait for the 09-11 state budget figures. There is a looming fiscal crisis (which wasn't fixed in the last several budget cycles, just deferred) that's coming home to roost soon. The UW, naturally, is going to get creamed in this budget.

Naturally, we're seeing the effects. More and more high profile faculty are leaving Madison for greener pastures. To the rest: it's time to dust off the CV.

Mr. Verb said...

Well, the budget is going to ugly for sure, but I think we may have a chance with Martin. I sure hope so.

Anonymous said...

Wiley's wrong in part: It's not about 'partisanship' but about the vast slide to the right in Wisconsin. Where have the Dems done much of anything?

The budget problem would have been all but solved if Doyle had the balls to get the Corrections budget under control -- we incarcerate vastly more people than Minnesota and that kills us economically.

Still, if the Dems take back the Assembly, as seems likely, things could look different.

And I agree that we have to give Biddy Martin a shot. She's in a tough situation but we don't yet know what she can pull off here.