Saturday, January 01, 2011

PhD challenge 2011!

For the academic readers of this blog, the website should be a well-worn bookmark. Here's the deal:
The idea of the PhD Challenge is to have students perform some task that the average graduate student is too timid to perform. It takes a unique caliber of student to overcome adversity and the ire of their adviser in order to complete this challenge.
Well, maybe YOUR adviser. Here is this year's challenge. The basics:

The goal of this year’s challenge is to get one of the nicknames “Dirty Old Man” or “Crazy Cat Lady” included in the byline for at least one author of a final, camera-ready version of a peer-reviewed academic paper. As an example, an eligible submission could contain the authors John “Dirty Old Man” Smith and/or Jane “Crazy Cat Lady” Smith. The target nickname must appear in the front matter of a paper that is at least three pages long and is published in the proceedings or journal of an English-speaking academic organization. See the contest rules for additional information and conference requirements, or refer to the FAQ for additional examples.

Now sure, you could 'win' this 'challenge'. But them's small potatoes. For this, you could become an academic legend for generations to come. To the doctoral students of Team Verb: We would be sooooo proud. And while we're at it, bonus points for John "Crazy Cat Lady" Smith and/or Jane "Dirty Old Man" Smith.

Image is one of a gazillion of the Simpson's character. Opted against the lolcat 'crazy cat lady starter kit' images.


Monica said...

Do I get any points for dedicating my dissertation to "Buster Macaulay, King of Cats"?

Mr. Verb said...

Sure, that's worth some points. I know of at least another dissertation where a cat is thanked prominently.

Anonymous said...

heh, citation or it didn't happen!