Thursday, August 09, 2012

Unhand me, wretch!

All it takes to make me happy is a little word formation.  Got my fix yesterday in this:  It's very simple: zero-derive the noun 'baby' to a verb and then add un-.  Yet, is the meaning predictable?  Only if we give the verb 'baby' a new sense (kind of like the sense of 'beer' in "Beer me").  With un-, it's just reversative of that new sense, if you know what the app does.  Hint: go to the website and just run your mouse over the pictures of the adorable little babies.

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be_slayed said...

I'm still not convinced I'm certain what "unbaby me" would mean. There seem to be two reasonable interpretations consistent with the site: (1) transform "me" (= the photo in question) into something which is not a baby or (2) take baby (photos) away from "me" (=my feed, or "me" as the user).