Friday, January 04, 2013


Well, there were few Wisconsin folks in the room for the American Dialect Society's just finished Word of the Year vote, so I suppose it falls to me to give the Mr Verb account. Packed room, hilarious comments (Q: Are nominations from the floor accepted? A: Maaaaybe.) and you've already read on cooler blogs about the winners, including WOTY #hashtag, which I did NOT vote for.

Here's the rewind:
  • Most useful: -(po)calypse, -(ma)geddon over YOLO 
  • Most creative gate lice (passengers crowding the gate waiting to board) over mansplaining
  • Most unnecessary: legitimate rape
  • Most outrageous: legitimate rape
  • Most euphemistic: self-deportation
  • Most likely to succeed: marriage equality
  • Least likely to succeed: YOLO (nominated from the floor) over phablet
  • Election words: Binders full of women (nominated from the floor)
Very political vocabulary, of course. But please, there is actually a word 'meggings', 'man's leggings'? This I did not need to know.

The holiday season is now officially over.

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Polish translator said...

"Legitimate rape"? - are you kidding me? Anyway, even those above that unfortunate expression are unnecessary too.