Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Now that #hashtag is reigning word of the year, I suppose even a stodgy old blog like ours can post about them. If you're on Twitter, you may know #overlyhonestmethods, a recent entry in the Science Geek Humor games (recent to my knowledge ... maybe it's recency illusion).  Thanks to KatCarmOSU, I found our this morning about #overlyhonestreviews. I haven't stopped laughing since. As rschlec put it, "Al fin hashtags que merecen mi procrastinación".

But what's striking is how many of the funniest are REAL ... or painfully close to real. I've read a ton of them. Still, this one from DrMobs is new to me:
The authors' conclusion is so stratospheric it's left me breathless. It could only be improved by mentioning unicorns. 
Free beer at the Terrace for anybody who can plausibly use that in a report.  Plus my sympathy for reviewing any article that needs that.

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