Friday, November 08, 2013

Spanish, the easy language

We sometimes watch the Chris Matthews show on MSNBC, just because it's on.  I agree with most of his positions, but man, I do not like him.  Mr. Annoying Interrupter Guy.  But the other night we got a good laugh out of him. He was mentioning something that had been on the Fusion network and said something that I will try to represent without IPA symbols here:
"on the Fyu-zhee-yan Network - I think that's the Spanish pronunciation..."
Oh my god, dude, surely you have assistants who took some Spanish in high school who could have steered you out of that one???

Anyway, I had to look the Fyuzheeyan Network up because I wasn't familiar with it.  I learned that it's a network launched by Univision and ABC that was originally aimed at English-speaking millenials of Hispanic background.  But according to the All-Knowing-Place, they got some bad press for that, and changed their goal: "to 'engage and champion a young, diverse and inclusive America,' regardless of cultural or language background." *

So note to Chris: it's an English-speaking channel.  You can just pronounce "Fusion" in English next time and not embarrass yourself again.

* footnote:  Don't want to Rand Paul it.

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