Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bush insists on the truth of a tautology, only not quite

On the very day that Alberto Gonzales testified so miserably in the Senate that they're talking about a perjury investigation (here) and Alexander Vinokourov tested positive for blood doping and his whole Astana team withdrew from the Tour de France (here), you're working hard to look like a fool in today's news.

But Bush was quoted at length on NPR just now doing one of his famous "X is X" deals: Trying to dismiss the (true, as far as I can see) claim that "Al-Qaida in Iraq" is distinct from the "Al-Qaida" that was behind 9/11. No sound yet (it's worth hearing), but the story is up here, and the money quote is this, using quotes to mark the phrasing:
"Al Qaida in Iraq" is "Al Qaida" "in Iraq".
Same name, same place. Case closed. Gotta run ... life's too short to explain how stupid this one is.

PS: In the ever-changing transliteration of the terrorist group's name, I'm following NPR today. Just because.


Jangari said...

This is incredible (the Vinokourov stuff)!

Had Cadel Evans not had such a dismal stage in the Pyrenees he'd be in serious contention (at about 9 minutes off the pace he needs some miraculous stages), but he'll be declared the winner of the individual time-trial stage.

How unfortunate for Vino though, he's otherwise so likeable.

(I pay attention to Le Tour, can't you tell?)

Mr. Verb said...

Wait! Evans is only 4:00 back ... and in the first time trial he beat every rider except Vino and his Astana teammates who are now gone. People are saying that Rasmussen will never ride as well in the second TT as he did in the first.

Will he win the Tour? Probably not, but barring disaster, he's on the podium.

But let's see what the last day in the mountains brings ... it's underway right now.