Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Breaking: UW-Madison chancellor search finalists

See here for UW's announcement, with a link to the press release. Only one is currently on the UW faculty, Dean Gary Sandefur of Letters & Science, but two others have strong UW ties: Biddy Martin, Provost at Cornell, did her PhD in German lit here and Tim Mulcahy, VP for Research at Minnesota, was on the faculty and held administrative jobs here until not long ago. Rebecca Blank, recent past dean of the Gerald Ford School of Public Policy at Michigan, looks like the only one without a direct Madison connection, but she presumably understands the world we live in pretty well.

I can't really comment much on these candidates at this point, but it doesn't look like an unreasonable set to me.


Anonymous said...

I was beyond disappointed. This list looks to me like standard academic prescriptive bullshit, when what we need is some really inspired and inspiring leadership.

Mr. Verb said...

I'm not quite sure ... I know some about some of the candidates, but there might be hope.