Monday, June 16, 2008

Advertising accent update

A while back, I noted that a Madison restaurant, La Mestiza, advertises on the local radio with an announcer who sounds, we eventually pieced together with the help of various commenters, like he's doing a Ricardo Montalban imitation or maybe SNL's old ¿Quien es mas macho? skit.

They're still at it, with more Spanish in new ads — names of dishes, etc. At the end, the poor guy reads a list of southern Mexican placenames starting with [wáksaka]. It's taken me some headscratching to figure out that he means Oaxaca, normally pronounced [waháka], even in the U.S.



Anonymous said...

This is hilarious ... those ads are ALL about how uber-authentic their food is. Anybody eaten there? I'm scared to go at this point.

Monica said...

Someone - and I can't remember who - told me about going there and said it's actually really good. But I, like anonymous, have been too scared by their ads to go.