Thursday, November 06, 2008

The real winner in the elections

Oh, Team Verb is plenty excited about "President Hopes-a-lot" (to borrow, sort of, from Wonkette), but there are other winners here. The Onion has one take, running this huge headline in the print edition:
Democrat Alan Klemke Becomes Wichita's 4th District Alderman
But I was thinking more along these lines, from xkcd:

Not clear? Check out the rollover. Nate Silver is the new hero of the world. Everybody from wonkette to xkcd raves about him, he's a guest on every show the hip kids watch.

But I think it's cooler than that: He and and a few other people have been very clear in talking about numbers to a general public. If you're not a math/stat type but read Silver's with any care, you've probably learned a number of valuable points about how to think about numbers.

It's time to get back to language, though ...

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