Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New journal: Rejecta Mathematica

There's a new journal out there, Rejecta Mathematica, here. From the FAQ:
What is Rejecta Mathematica?
Rejecta Mathematica is an open access online journal that publishes only papers that have been rejected from peer-reviewed journals in the mathematical sciences.

Is this some kind of joke?
No, Rejecta Mathematica is real.

But weren't those papers rejected for a reason?
Quite probably, yes.

So why publish them?
We believe that many previously rejected papers (even those rejected for legitimate reasons) can nonetheless have legitimate value to the academic community. This value may take many forms:
  • "mapping the blind alleys of science": papers containing negative results can warn others against futile directions;
  • "reinventing the wheel": papers accidentally rederiving a known result may contain new insight or ideas;
  • "squaring the circle": papers discovered to contain a serious technical flaw may nevertheless contain information or ideas of interest;
  • "applications of cold fusion": papers based on a controversial premise may contain ideas applicable in more traditional settings;
  • "misunderstood genius": other papers may simply have no natural home among existing journals.

Many authors of a rejected paper may simply have disagreed with or chosen to not address the original reviewers' concerns. Rejecta Mathematica also gives those authors the chance to speak out in defense of their own paper.

Is anybody else slightly unnerved at the thought of being rejected by this journal?


Anonymous said...

OK, Mr. V, I can't tell: Is this a joke or not?

Jon said...

He *said* it wasn't a joke.