Thursday, September 03, 2009

US English ... "The battle for our way of life in America"

An occasional reader of this little blog just passed on a 'survey' he'd gotten from US English, one of the major English Only groups. Survey needs scare quotes here because it's precisely the kind of push-poll approach you would expect from these folks. Questions start off pretty innocent, with the first just being whether you've "noticed an increased use of foreign language in your community over the past few years". But we soon get to the meat of the matter:

I wonder how many Americans actually are "made to adapt" to foreign languages in any way more significant than pressing 1 for English.

And of course this isn't about new arrivals or anything, it's about people who refuse to learn English:
I know a lot of immigrants and I'm pretty sure I've never met one who refused to learn English.

Finally, with the plea for money, we get just how big the stakes are in this:

What can you say to that?!?!?


ALM said...

Oh, please. I guess they're right about one thing, though: some of us would like to do away with widespread ignorance and monolingualism in America, if that's what they mean by their "way of life".

Joe said...

That's looking on the bright side!!!