Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Halloween Provost has remained the central forum for discussion of the Grad School / Research reorganization that's been under intense discussion here at Wisconsin in recent weeks. The latest post there is the most important contribution yet to the topic that I've seen anywhere. (To see the low-water mark in coverage, click here.)

Penned by the "Halloween Provost", the piece makes a case that has needed to be made. Namely, the provost has — and this seems bizarre to me — said at the town halls basically, 'well, if you don't like my plan, why don't you provide an alternative'. The Halloween Provost does. And it surely sounds way better than the non-Halloween Provost's to me.

The time and effort already expended on this ill-conceived and poorly defined proposal has taken us a long way down the wrong road. A lot of us fervently hope that the chancellor will take charge of things and get the discussion back on course — for instance, along the lines suggested by the Halloween Provost.

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