Monday, February 22, 2010

Caveat Emptor: Buying term papers

Spam aimed at academic blogs have been talked about (like here), and blog spam is just a fact of life. Along the way, it's often noted that email and web scams tend to be easily recognized by bad grammar and spelling. It's kind of hilarious when the you get blog spam/web scams where those problems are directly relevant to the service being pushed.

Blogger is actually remarkably good at preventing much of this stuff reaching this blog, but other services aren't, including one I deal with for a website connected to my work (i.e., not linguistics).  Along with the cheap pharmaceuticals and on-line casinos, I've just deleted from that website a whole set advertising (or claiming to advertise – who knows what level of scam they are plying) services that write research papers for sale.* Look at these two samples (from different messages) and ask yourself whether the stupidest undergrad you've ever met would try to buy from these guys:

This is indisputable that the distinguished buy research paper service would compose the smashing essay writer paper for persons which do not have writing skills. It will be the most simple way for such people, I do guess!

I was doing a bit of research looking at some other custom essay service. and this is the fifth link to the search essay about this topic as relayed by Google… so you are conforming that you are administer a free service for them and amplify their traffic. So if you morally support this then you should take the money but if your opinion has carry at all and you’re against it then you should apparently efface them. But it’s still yours to clinch.

You really want to buy an essay written like that! It is indisputable that I do not know students which do not have smashing writing skills, I do guess.

* Isn't this cheating? An answer to that question is given the proverbial college try here, the same site the image is from. I wonder if anybody has ever used the products "as intended"?

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