Monday, July 19, 2010

Failed linguistic humor: "sexual linguistics"

It turns out that one of the core reasons that the bloggers who make up Team Verb tend to maintain our thin veil of pseudonymy is simple: Fear of the failed joke. But take heart, fellow Verbs, things could be worse:

The Weekly World News (yes, they still exist, on-line), just ran this piece:
Read it and weep quietly. Or read the comments and maybe chuckle a little. Or, if you get the joke, please clue me in.


Chris said...

Had to follow-up on this one. The linked to article makes a variety of claims:

1) the research was done "by the Department of linguistics and the Department of Psychology at Stanford University."

2) It's called The Comito Study.

3) Either Dr. Linda Masterson or Dr. Lisa Masterson, or possibly both, are involved. So far, I cannot find any reference to the study anywhere on Stanford's pages (or anywhere in the googlesphere save the original article), nor can I find either Dr. Linda or Dr. Lisa at Stanford (nor can I find any Masterson at all).

Either this study flat does not exist, or it didn't happen at Stanford, or I am much worse at Googling than I thought.

Chris said...

haha, I had no clue about the weekly World News. Got me!

Write-n-Edit said...

Oh well yes I agree that British accent is no longer sexy. Rather now that the English accents have gotten so many varieties, it looks difficult to get used to. Good piece of information.

Jose M. Blanco said...

Russian is only number 10 for women? hmmm... and here I am trying to master Russian at 50. The article reminds me of Jamie Lee Curtis being aroused when John Cleese spoke Russian in the movie "A Fish Called Wanda."