Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Michigan English

Check out the short article on Michigan English by Richard Bailey, posted last week. Take a gander (sorry for the pun), you'll learn something. But for cry-eye, we here in Wisconsin use some of these terms, too. Dick mentions that Wisconsinites also know what it means to shine deer. We also may eat a pasty (rhymes with nasty), paczki (pronounced like punch-key, although that pronunciation might start a debate), and bagas. But help the poor on Halloween - that's all yours, Michigan.

Picture from Myles Teddywedgers, right on State Street in Madison.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'punch-key' should start discussion ...

Luke said...

I like what they say about shining deer: "People in Michigan know just what this illegal hunting practice involves.(And they know in Wisconsin and Minnesota too.)"

Well, I don't know about Michigan, but shining deer certainly isn't illegal here, and I wouldn't call it a hunting practice either (though I have known some dandies who HAVE hunted deer while shining and that IS illegal). Now there are regulations on when you can shine deer, especially when it's gun season, so it can be done illegally, I guess. And just so you all know, shining deer is just that, shining them, and not with headlights.