Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Word is, the Republicans are going to ram through their vote on destroying public worker unions and a whole lot of other things tonight. People are heading to the Capitol. Reports were of 30,000 out today and we need a bunch tonight to keep up the pressure.

TAs are calling for a 'teach out' tomorrow and it sounds like various faculty are going with them. News broke today that the Governor and Madison Chancellor apparently have a deal to split Madison from the System, which is not going over well.

We are in deep kimchi, as they say. Extra spicy.

Good pics here. I'm the one in red.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking, "Mr. Verb, unmasked!" And then I saw the picture.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, but this is a very scary prospect for graduate assistants.

ALM said...

A friend just suggested that someone should start making "Mubarak for Governor" t-shirts. Brilliant idea.