Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quick update

People here in Madison already know that public schools are closed tomorrow -- 40% of Madison School District teachers had already indicated that they weren't coming. There are strong indications that the University community will be out again in force at the Capitol.

And check out this link. The image below is a screen shot from there now. Note the use of 'a wisco', presumably for Wisconsinite in the first comment on the left.

And here's the latest from the national press, Harold Meyerson's piece, "Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might be silenced in Wisconsin". That contains this great turn of phrase:
To underscore just how accompli he [Walker] considered his fait, he vowed to call in the National Guard if protesting workers walked off the job or disrupted state services.


Anonymous said...

BIG actions coming today and tomorrow, from campus and from far beyond it. Lots of people are going to the Capitol. This may be more of the beginning than the end.

Anonymous said...

40% of madison school district teachers or UW teachers?

Mr. Verb said...

Madison School District. Things might be about to bubble over on campus too, though.