Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More English Only in Michigan

See this story. Here's the start of the piece:

Six languages were heard spoken at Spartan Stadium last weekend during the annual football showdown between Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, state Rep. Kenneth Kurtz, R-Coldwater, said.

Those watching at home heard the game in one language — English, Kurtz noted.

"Why? Because that's the language," he said.

"We're a nation of immigrants. We've come together under one system of government, one Constitution, and that Constitution is in English," Kurtz added.
If language use today is determined by the original language of documents (or speakers? cultures?), there may be big changes coming on various fronts, but what I want to know is what six languages were spoken and how the heck Kurtz knows?


Anonymous said...

Such a waste of time. What about jobs for translators? And presumably it's more efficient for let's say a Spanish speaker to speak to another Spanish speaker at the DMV, not to haltingly use English and tie-up the phone.

Also, a hypothetical. Let's say some higher-up in the state is making a diplomatic visit to another country and wants to write a bilingual press-release, would they be prevented from doing so?

Mr. Verb said...

Well, all these things are of course worthless posturing and the effect is to screw things up, not actually fix anything.

Peter said...

Only six? Seems a bit on the low side.